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‘Light Catching Fire’

D Contemporary • 23 Grafton Street, W1S 4EY

Tel  020 7824 1920


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'Sarah Butterfield: Contemporary Impressionism At Its Best' a-n News

"Sarah Butterfield is one of the best representatives of the current revival of Contemporary Impressionism. Butterfield’s brushes encapsulates the way sunlight changes the patterns over the day by the second with the precision of a skilled surgeon.

"Her capacity to expand the visual representation of a landscape or a person goes beyond colours and shapes; the viewer can experience the heat, the cold or a bright ray of light depending on the time and season. Memories become blurry and Butterfield is fully aware of that.

"... It is a highly recommended show which proves the power of paint and Butterfield’s superb craftsmanship."


'Light Catching Fire…' All About Shipping

"One feature dominates the paintings of Sarah Butterfield – the bright, buoyant colours with which she gloriously illuminates such themes as sunrise and sunset over the ocean.

"... Every wall of the elegantly-appointed gallery is ablaze with the resplendent reds, blues and yellows that are integral to this established and energetic artist’s way of proclaiming her world view.

"She offers new ways of looking at scenes in the Solent, at nearby Hayling Island, by the Thames, Cape Cod (Massachusetts), and the metropolises of Shanghai, Beijing. Even the haze of mega-cities and menacing clouds fail to block the sources of the exhilarating, rapturous light captured so dashingly by Sarah. Just the opposite: the clouds do duty as bold reflecting agents. The colour is hypnotic and almost subsumes the detail – which is there when you look for it."


'The Top 6 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week' FAD magazine

"Bold abstract paintings with a searing colour palette. It’s easy to get lost in the colour and the more abstract [Sarah's] work becomes, the stronger it is".


Chinese media coverage on Walk For Peace


Pete Brown, one of Britain’s most loved figurative artists, says

"As an artist myself, I am always deeply impressed by the work of fellow artists such as Sarah. They are filled with an intensity from edge to edge and corner to corner with an application of colour in broad areas, fine strokes and electric pattern. I often approach a subject with an artist in mind. When I look at Sarah’s work I see a wealth of influences from Matisse and Bonnard to Hockney, Doig, Aitchison, Rothko… She has the ability to capture light, space movement and fresh air not by slavishly copying it but by responding to it in colour and application of paint. The beauty of these paintings does not need to be pointed out and I am not one to talk in abstract terms about plasticity or the picture plane - they are to me simply delicious. They entice us with their shimmering colour and striking compositions. At the same time they portray all those elements an objective plein air painter is keen to convey: the distance in paintings such “Ocean’s Margin, Midday” and the shimmering cool depths dreamed up in “Siesta: early evening”, the heat of “Ocean, lights and palms XIII” and the light of the “In the garden” paintings captivate me."