Upcoming Exhibition

‘Ocean, Lights and Beyond’

Mall Galleries • The Mall, London SW1


Tuesday 2nd November - Saturday 6th November 2021

Gallery Opening Times: 10am-5pm

Tours of the exhibition with the artist
Thursday 4th November, 1pm
and Saturday 6th November, 1pm.

Artistic Fireworks!
A lunchtime demonstration by Sarah on the use of colour, Friday 5th November 1pm.

As lockdown is easing we are emerging into the light – the theme of an important solo show by the British painter Sarah Butterfield at Mall Galleries in early November. For many people emerging from lockdown means more journeys - be it simply driving into work or going to a beautiful place. Sarah uses such journeys as an opportunity to paint light and our place in the world. Motorways, tube stations, driving to a takeaway, clouds seen from a plane or seen moving in the sky above, the sea observed from a ferry, artificial and natural lights mixing at dusk and dawn – nothing escapes her inquisitive mind.

Sarah is fascinated by light and colour relationships. She often observes light while on the move – from a car, a ferry or a plane. This in turn creates unusual combinations of artificial and natural light, displaying her almost scientific grasp of colour relationships.

Shapes of cloud and shadows, wind, weather, colour and light sweep across our horizons and through our minds.” — Sarah Butterfield

Eighty paintings will be on show ranging from small studies to larger works. All are being exhibited for the first time.

Channel 4’s Jon Snow writes:

“Sarah Butterfield remains one of the most persistently rewarding artists of her generation.”

High resolution images are available on request.

Email: exhibition@sarahbutterfield.co.uk

Ocean, lights and palms XIII

'Ocean, Lights and Palms XIII'
71 x 152.5 cm  (48 x 60")

Evening in the Solent LXXVIII

'Evening in the Solent LXXVIII'
13 x 18 cm  (5 x 7")

Sunrise in the Solent 16

'Sunrise in the Solent 16'
13 x 18 cm  (5 x 7")

Mid Summer's Fire 2

'Mid Summer's Fire 2'
71 x 91 cm  (28 x 36")

KFC at Dusk

'KFC at Dusk'
36 x 46 cm  (14 x 18")

The Map of a Dream 4

'The Map of a Dream 4'
71 x 81 cm  (28 x 32")

Andaman Sea: view east at morning

'Andaman Sea: view east at morning'
30 x 41 cm  (12 x 16")

Evening in the Solent XXI

'Evening in the Solent XXI'
13 x 18 cm  (5 x 7")

Ocean's Margin: afternoon light

Ocean's Margin: afternoon light
123 x 107 cm  (48 x 42")